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First time in Japan!!
Experience the world of underwater driving that can only be experienced here.

The first submersible scooter in Japan that's the talk of the town.
・I'm tired of the same old marine menu
・I want to get in the ocean but I don't want to get my face wet...
・I want to try diving but I'm too scared
Anyone can join, even those who can't swim or small children!
This is the only place in Japan where you can experience the experience of a diving scooter! You can ride with your family, partner, or friends and have fun driving underwater while chatting together. Why not make some memories of your trip to Churaumi?

customer's voice

Children and adults alike are excited!

The staff were all very kind and made the experience safe and secure!!

They were very kind to my 5-year-old son, and he seemed to enjoy being able to see so many fish up close ^_^ The adults were also very excited ⭐︎ Thank you very much ♪

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What is a diving scooter?


Carefully selected location

It is located in Yagaji, which has a private beach that is perfect for activities!
This spot offers a spectacular view of the blue sea of Kouri Island, and even beginners can enjoy marine sports.

A limited number of people (private charter available for 4 or more people) will have the beautiful sea all to themselves!


You can talk underwater

The diving scooter seats two people, so couples, friends, and families can enjoy a fun ride underwater while chatting together!
Children can talk and breathe just like on land, so it's safe!


Your face won't get wet and you can feel safe with a diver.

The diving scooter is a two-seater bike that allows people of all ages, from small children to the elderly, to enjoy the ocean of Okinawa. Of course, even those who can't swim or are physically disabled can join in! A professional diver will accompany you one-on-one.
Your face won't get wet, so you can wear glasses and make-up at the same time!


You can feed the fish

You can feed tropical fish while chatting and interact with various creatures. You can also encounter clownfish, porcupine fish, and starfish. Take photos with lots of fish and make it a memorable experience.

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A part of the sales of diving scooters is used for coral protection

Our Omoidehanbaijo Churaumi is working on coral aquaculture in Okinawa and strives to preserve the sea ecosystem. Currently, coral reefs are exposed to a catastrophic situation. According to a survey by the International Union for Consevation of Nature (ICUN), one- third of the world's coral species are at increased risk of extinction. There are many creatures living in the coral reef.
If the coral dies, not only the creatures that live in the coral reef, but also the creatures that eat the creatures that live in the coral reef will disappear, and the ecosystem balance will be disrupted. And for humans, fishing resources and tourism resources will be lost.

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